Why Organic

My family has always tried to do our part in trying to protect the environment by recycling as much as possible and minimising waste, but we never really thought much about organic products until our baby was born.

After some research, we learned that organic products are particularly suitable for mums and newborn babies as their skin is so delicate and sensitive to chemicals. It is because true organic products are produced with emphasis on lower levels of or zero pesticides, manufactured herbicides and artificial fertilisers in the process of growing and producing the ingredients, so you get none of the nasty chemicals in the final products. Due to this I found a GOTS certified manufacturer who produces clothing with high quality 100% organic cotton at a reasonable price. I decided that this kind of quality and value must be passed on to other mums as well so their babies can also benefit from this organic goodness.

In addition, as a breastfeeding mum, I also switched to organic shower gel and hand wash because I feel that I am now always in direct and close contact with my baby, it is vital that my baby will not develop any allergies to nasty chemicals left on my skin, or ingest any residue on me when I’m interacting with him. Needless to say my little boy is also getting bathed in organic baby wash as well as lotion.

I highly recommend going organic, even my husband agrees that his skin is now so much nicer. Besides you can also help the environment as organic product manufacturers practice more sustainable management of land and natural resources.