How babywearing benefits us

My grandma used to wear me when I was a baby. I can still remember clearly how safe I would feel being so close to her even though she is now in a better place. Our very special relationship might not have developed simply over a sling but it was an important part of my childhood, having my grandma wearing me around, sharing her world with me.


I started wearing my baby since he was a newborn. Now that my baby is just over a year old, I still prefer to put him in the sling from time to time, even at home. He loves being worn as much as I love wearing him. Whist it used to be for his comfort when he was tiny, I believe it has now somewhat evolved into a riding game for him!


I highly recommend babywearing if you have not thought about it. Here are just a few of the many benefits:


1. Keeping your baby close

It is a newborn’s instinct to be close to their parents. Wearing your baby provides the security they need. You know they are safe and would be able to fulfill their needs at once whilst they’d also know that you are always there for them. Less screaming and crying, happier baby and parents.


2. Keeping your hands free

Imagine not having a sling and a constantly crying baby, what you’d end up doing would be constantly having to pick them up and not being able to do anything else! Even making lunch would be a struggle. So why not sling your baby so that you can have both of your hands free to do all the chores you have to do or even to simply be able to enjoy some snack and a movie when your baby peacefully takes a nap on you?


3. The sling as a support for your body

Babies are heavy and heavy lifting can do your back big harm. Using a sling properly can help balance the baby weight onto your body and reduce the stress on your spine, which means you, the babywearer, also get to be in an enhanced posture. It is much comfier than holding the baby up with just bare hands.


4. Economical and handy choice

A sling is much more affordable than a pushchair. A brand new sling can range from just £30 to £100. You can start using a sling right after your baby is born until the recommended weight which is usually way past the age of two. It is also safer and more efficient if you are going to a crowded place with lots of traffic compared to a pushchair.


5. Improve communication and interaction

As you are wearing your baby, you will naturally communicate more with them. You will be able to share with them what you are doing easily as they are on the same level with you. Even if you are not chatting with them, they can still experience what you are experiencing directly.


6. Slings are pretty!

I did not want to write this as a benefit but then there are so many choices and they are really beautiful so I must list this one too! Some manufacturers even offer tailor made slings these days so there is bound to be one that you like, especially for the fashionista in you!


There are many more benefits than those I’ve listed here. These are only a few examples that I think has benefited me most. If there are any other ideas or your own sling experience that you would like to share, please feel free to comment below! For any questions or further information, please feel free to email too and I will try my best to answer all your questions.


Good luck with your baby wearing journey!

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