First Time Mum Questions

Congratulations on your new chapter in your life! It’s full of excitement and yet there are so much worries and so many questions in our head! Below are some questions that a lot of mums, including myself had when preparing for our new babies’ arrival. Hopefully we could help answer some of them here


Q: What’s the difference between babygro(w), onesies, sleepsuits, rompers, bodysuit and vest?

A: I know! It’s so confusing, right? We were trying to get an answer on what to get but our search gave us even more questions! Basically babygro(w)s, sleepsuits and onesies are the same; sometimes we can find sleepsuits without ‘feet’ especially for toddlers. Bodysuits and vests also refer to the same type of clothing… As for romper, it’s a ‘no feet’ version of babygrow, which can come with short-sleeves or be like shorts.


Q: What should I pack in my hospital bag for my baby?

A: Below are the contents that we recommend, based on our research and personal experience. You may like to have a look at our Little Captain Landing Bundle.

  • Bodysuits and babygrows – about 3 to 5
  • Nappies – at least 12 (we put a small pack of 20 in the car)
  • Cotton wool for wiping baby (your hospital or birth centre would usually provide a small bowl)
  • Muslins and bibs – 2 to 3 (as a burp cloth and to clean up milk in case of reflux)
  • Hats – two (some hospitals provide baby hats but if they don’t, you may want to bring two – one for immediately after birth and another for going home with you)
  • Baby blanket (even if it’s summer, you may want to get a blanket in case it gets chilly on their journey home!)
  • Jacket or snowsuit for Winter babies (but make sure to take them off before baby goes in the car seat.)
  • Going home outfit (optional) – it’s nice to dress your beautiful baby up for going home for the first time!


Q: Should I wash all baby clothing before first use?

A: YES! We recommend you to wash everything before putting on your baby as their skin is so sensitive when they are newborn. No matter how the products are carefully made or chemicals-free like our clothing, no one can guarantee if they would get dusty during transportation and handling, therefore it’s best to wash them before use.


Q: Which cloth nappy?

A: We understand that you want to get everything ready before your baby arrives, however, cloth nappy is something that you should wait until after your baby is born. You can still get some 50cm x 50cm terry square to start with as these are truly universal cloth nappies. When your little one gets older, you may need 60cm x 60cm terry square. However if you want to use others like all-in-one, pocket or birth-to-potty, we would recommend that you wait until after birth and borrow some from your local nappy library so that you can try everything before you invest in the most suitable one.


Q: Can I use wipes instead of cotton wool to clean baby?

A: Most midwives and health visitors recommend using cotton wool on babies especially when they are newly born. It’s because newborn skin is very delicate and it is important to avoid any potential allergic reactions that can be caused by chemicals in the wipes. We can also dry your baby’s bottom more thoroughly than by using wipes to help reduce the chance of nappy rash. Usually a lot of mums will switch to wipes when babies are a few months older. As a more effective, economical and eco-friendly choice, we recommend using Muslinz bamboo cotton reusable wipes. It’s super soft to use on baby’s face or bottom. It’s 20cm x 20cm which is a good size even when your baby gets bigger. According to our own experience, as well as some other mums, one reusable wipe can replace two to three disposable wipes in wiping little bottoms.


Q: How do reusable wipes work?

A: Reusable wipes are basically high quality fabric, usually made from cotton and/or bamboo which is soft on your baby’s skins and a more effective way on cleaning than disposable wipes as it’s easier to grip dirt. In order to make it as handy as disposable wipes, we recommend pre-soaking around 10 pieces with cold water in a tubberbox. You can throw them in the nappy bucket and wash with the soiled cloth nappies together in the washing machine at the same time. If you are not using cloth nappies, you can store them after use separately in a mesh bag or bucket then pre-rinse them before washing with other clothing. When out and about, you can also pre-soak them and store them either in a wet bag or a secure tubberbox. About two packs of our Muslinz reusable wipes are usually enough as you would probably be putting them in a wash around twice a week.

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