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In this interview with Cyclex UK, we answered questions like why organic cotton clothing is better, the factory condition of our manufacturer and how to maintain the quality of the clothing.


Dressing your little one can be one of the most fun jobs as a new parent. Those tiny onesies, sweet pajamas, and tiny socks are irresistible. In the midst of all of the excitement of a new baby, you may not consider what’s in the clothing you are purchasing or how fabric choices may contribute to living a more natural lifestyle. When shopping for children’s clothing, you’ll find that most children’s clothing is made out of cotton.  What the label won’t tell you is that unless that cotton is organic (and even organic choices aren’t guaranteed 100% chemical-free), it has often been treated with harmful chemicals that can’t always be washed away and, thus, could be absorbed by your baby’s skin.

Cylex 1. Is organic baby clothing really better than traditional ones?

Little Captain Essentials: If you look at the amount of chemicals that are involved in growing and manufacturing conventional cotton clothing, then it is easy to understand why organic cotton is better and safer for you and your babies. In fact it is not only better for your babies, it is also better for the environment and the people who work in the industry. The growing and manufacturing processes of conventional cotton involve frequent use of toxic pesticides which cannot be washed off easily for they have been deeply absorbed into the plants that were used to produce the cotton fibre. In the process of production, even more chemicals are being used. The most commonly known chemicals are formaldehyde, azo dyes, dioxin, chlorine bleach and heavy metals, etc. Chemicals are being added for strength, colour, softness and wrinkle-resistance of the fabric. So the question is: would we absorb these chemicals through our skin? The answer is yes! It depends on how sensitive your skin is, it can induce a rash, the toxins can accumulate in your body to affect our health in a longer term, or it can cause allergies or more serious illnesses like cancer. If you have ever had any kind of allergic reactions from using certain soap, washing products or clothing, it is your skin reacting to the harmful chemical residue. Organic cotton are grown naturally without any toxic chemicals nor artificial pesticides and therefore is better for the environment and safer for the farmers and workers who handle the materials by hand day in day out. As for babies, their skin is so delicate that parents like us should never want to expose them to the risk of absorbing all those chemicals. Buying organic also means better for the environment that your baby will be living in and enjoying when they grow up. So when better than now to switch to organic?

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