Free Nappy Demonstration & Trial

If you would like to know more about using cloth nappy, do contact us for an absolutely FREE nappy demonstration. We are happy to refer you to your local advisors even if you are not near us. We also work with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to provide FREE nappy trial to family in Wiltshire.   If you are too far away from us, we are happy to answer your questions via email or arrange a Skype demonstration.    
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Our Charity Work

When we establish Little Captain Essentials, one of our goals is to benefit families with good quality products. As a small independent business, we try to do our part to contribute to our local community.


For every three pieces of baby clothing you ordered, we donate one to a local community who can pass our products to parents in need.


We are also working with local schools and communities by donating 10% of our sales when customers order through them.


If you know any schools or communities that can benefit from what we do, please feel free to contact us at

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Interview with Cyclex UK

In this interview with Cyclex UK, we answered questions like why organic cotton clothing is better, the factory condition of our manufacturer and how to maintain the quality of the clothing. ......

Dressing your little one can be one of the most fun jobs as a new parent. Those tiny onesies, sweet pajamas, and tiny socks are irresistible. In the midst of all of the excitement of a new baby, you may not consider what’s in the clothing you are purchasing or how fabric choices may contribute to living a more natural lifestyle. When shopping for children’s clothing, you’ll find that most children’s clothing is made out of cotton.  What the label won’t tell you is that unless that cotton is organic (and even organic choices aren’t guaranteed 100% chemical-free), it has often been treated with harmful chemicals that can’t always be washed away and, thus, could be absorbed by your baby’s skin.

Cylex 1. Is organic baby clothing really better than traditional ones?


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How babywearing benefits us

My grandma used to wear me when I was a baby. I can still remember clearly how safe I would feel being so close to her even though she is now in a better place. Our very special relationship might not have developed simply over a sling but it was an important part of my childhood, having my grandma wearing me around, sharing her world with me.   I started wearing my baby since he was a newborn. Now that my baby is just over a year old, I still prefer to put him in the sling from time to time, even at home. He loves being worn as much as I love wearing him. Whist it used to be for his comfort when he was tiny, I believe it has now somewhat evolved into a riding game for him!   I highly recommend babywearing if you have not thought about it. Here are just a few of the many benefits:   1. Keeping your baby close It is a newborn’s instinct to be close to their parents. Wearing your baby provides the security they need. You know they are safe and would be able to f...
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Free delivery Organic Sep

In support of Soil Association Organic September this year, we are offering FREE STANDARD DELIVERY on orders over £5 throughout the event so that your baby and you can enjoy an organic start! Let's make a small change to your everyday shopping by choosing organic. Together we'll make a big difference!   Tell us what you are doing this #OrganicSeptember on any social media to win some amazing organic prizes offered by Soil Association. For more ideas, offers and inspirations visit and sign up for the event!   Here's why we go organic.   5reasons
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First Time Mum Questions

Congratulations on your new chapter in your life! It's full of excitement and yet there are so much worries and so many questions in our head! Below are some questions that a lot of mums, including myself had when preparing for our new babies' arrival. Hopefully we could help answer some of them here   Q: What's the difference between babygro(w), onesies, sleepsuits, rompers, bodysuit and vest? A: I know! It's so confusing, right? We were trying to get an answer on what to get but our search gave us even more questions! Basically babygro(w)s, sleepsuits and onesies are the same; sometimes we can find sleepsuits without 'feet' especially for toddlers. Bodysuits and vests also refer to the same type of clothing... As for romper, it's a 'no feet' version of babygrow, which can come with short-sleeves or be like shorts.   Q: What should I pack in my hospital bag for my baby? A: Below are the contents that we recommend, based on our research and personal experien...
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Welcome to our website!


Little Captain Essentials is a small independent business based in the UK. Our aim is to offer quality natural, organic and eco-friendly clothing and skin care products that are also very affordable. Our organic clothings are all lovingly made by a GOTS certified manufacturer in India; while other products are sourced from reputable and certified UK/European suppliers.


We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us.


Do leave us a feedback after your purchase and let us know which is your favourite product!

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