Our Charity Work

When we establish Little Captain Essentials, one of our goals is to benefit families with good quality products. As a small independent business, we try to do our part to contribute to our local community.


For every three pieces of baby clothing you ordered, we donate one to a local community who can pass our products to parents in need.


We are also working with local schools and communities by donating 10% of our sales when customers order through them.


If you know any schools or communities that can benefit from what we do, please feel free to contact us at info@littlecaptainessentials.com

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Interview with Cyclex UK

In this interview with Cyclex UK, we answered questions like why organic cotton clothing is better, the factory condition of our manufacturer and how to maintain the quality of the clothing. ......

Dressing your little one can be one of the most fun jobs as a new parent. Those tiny onesies, sweet pajamas, and tiny socks are irresistible. In the midst of all of the excitement of a new baby, you may not consider what’s in the clothing you are purchasing or how fabric choices may contribute to living a more natural lifestyle. When shopping for children’s clothing, you’ll find that most children’s clothing is made out of cotton.  What the label won’t tell you is that unless that cotton is organic (and even organic choices aren’t guaranteed 100% chemical-free), it has often been treated with harmful chemicals that can’t always be washed away and, thus, could be absorbed by your baby’s skin.

Cylex 1. Is organic baby clothing really better than traditional ones?


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