Every parent wants to find only the best for their new arrival and you have certainly come to the right place because Little Captain Essentials exists only to offer the best natural organic and eco-friendly products for you and your baby.

Not long ago I have gone through the same stages of anxiety and confusion like many other first time mums. Having lots of unanswered questions and struggling to know what baby products I would need, what kind of clothing I should prepare for the first few days, weeks, and months and so on… the questions simply would not stop and would keep me awake and confused even months before delivery.

I was actually very lucky to have been given a moses basket of goodies for our little boy before his arrival which provided us with newborn clothing up to 6 months old amongst other things. This turned out to be such a blessing because our baby quickly outgrew the newborn clothing within the first few weeks but I already had everything ready to hand. Therefore, I could really enjoy being with my little one and giving him full attention without having to worry (and panic!) about what to get or not having the right clothing and baby care products especially when I had to recover from the 30 hour labour and Caesarian!

Because of this, I wanted to do the same for other mums; to offer all the essential things that a new mum would need. I wanted to have a platform where I would be able to share the fruits of my research for the most suitable clothing and products for new mums and babies; where I would be able to offer the best quality essentials exactly like what I needed when my little one arrived; and to be a one-stop shop for all that will make your pregnancy stress free and enjoyable because you won’t have to worry about what is best and where to get them for I have already done all the research having been in the exact same shoes a few months ago!

Little Captain Essentials is a small independent business (just myself!), my aim is to offer quality natural, organic and eco-friendly clothing and skin care products that are also very affordable. Our organic clothings are all lovingly made by a GOTS certified manufacturer in India, famous for her brilliant organic cotton; while other products are sourced from reputable and certified UK/European suppliers.

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